a cultural revolution through youth entrepreneurship and inclusion.

We want to promote a new digital culture, more supportive and committed to those who most need it, but also accesible both for users and young cultural entrepreneurs themselves, and specially for racialized and migrant youth. This initiative aims to promote a new young, dynamic and supportive cultural entrepreneurship that facilitates the social and labor inclusion of youth (both local and migrant)

In order to achieve this, 6 European entities that work in cultural entrepreneurship, art education and the inclusion of migrants want to promote VOICE THROUGH ART: a space for young creators(both born in Europe and not) where they can share their creations and generate joint artistic entrepreneurship learning from each other and establishing networks of solidarity that allow them to achieve their incluision. This will be a platform that facilitates the dissemination of a new culture and european values especially for those who have the most barriers, but also enables a social horizon facilitated by accesibility and democratization of art throught new technologies.

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