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Spain 2019


All the information about
the first meeting 

young people as a force of transfoRmation


This first meeting is based on the spanish entities Orografías: A project that involves community, art and life maps. 

Orografías is a project in which people migrant and refugee and their neighbours from Valencia meet and share a time together by telling each other the great stories behind them.


For this first meeting, the spanish entities with other local entities and personalities will introduce the partners to the Spanish reality and the different methodologies that they've been working with.




"We felt free, we felt good because we felt that we were listening"

"To have advice you have to join a lot of people, without people you can not live"

"I've been through more than five countries to get here, so I feel growth"

"I see people, not where they are from or what they do>"

"We can make a difference if we work together"


For this meeting, we will share, evaluate and improve the methodology of this project so we can replicate it in every european country


We  also discuss the potential of the young people as a force of transformation in times when hate and neoliberalism are trying to demolish every form of life.

Which are the main

ideals for young people? 

Which world do we want to create?

photographies of the meeting

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