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All the information about
the second meeting 


Books with Life

This second meeting is based on Art as an Inclusion Tool and the innovative activities of Drosa Texni and Educational Innovation in social inclusion of young migrants and refugees.

Sovint Cultura y Desarrpollo,  Fractals Educación Artística and Fondazione Emmanuel travel from Spain and Italy to Giannitsa, Greece.





Verena Fink
Perception, awareness and self-confidence: Perception as a fundament for art and art as a tool for awareness that we need for an inclusive society. correlations and some examples from the praxis.

Angeliki Papadopoulos
Clay for inclusion and community awareness


Gabriela Sampsonidou Angeliki

Sociologist of Minorities and Vulnerable Social Groups, Youth Trainer, Human Rights Trainer for Young People with Compass Method

Laura Maria Calderón

Music Soul Action  2016 other ways to understand  use music as an agent of social development in post-conflict areas

Young musician,representing Un Message project from Proyecto Nagual (Raúl Sola) 

Sharing Methodologies

For this meeting, we will share, evaluate and improve the methodologies developed in the project. Droxa Texni and Educational Innovation adapted the Orografías methodology to their community reality creating new activities for inclusion of youth people in Giannitsa, Greece

Situation of refugees in Greece

Kostas Simitopoulos, coordinator for refugee fields in Greece

Shared with us the situation of the refugee and asylum seekers youngsters in Greece.

photographies of the meeting

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